Need some aerial footage of a property, landscape or event. I have shot a number of videos and photos matched exactly to clients specifications. Hire an official FAA certified drone pilot for any professional or recreational drone services needed. Below are some examples of my previous work that are broken into 2 sections. Video Production and Raw Aerial Video Footage. Want to add that extra "wow" factor to your wedding or event recap video? An aerial view is just what you need to accomplish this.

Previous Missions - Edited Video Production

Aerial view of The Brooks Venue, Weatherford, TX

Greece, Croatia, Montenegro, London Compilation

Belize in 90 seconds

Devner in 90 seconds

Previous Missions - Raw Footage

Airbnb - Belize

Visiting - Croatia

Visiting- Montenegro

Next Steps...

As a certified Remote PIC (pilot in command) with the FAA, I am legally allowed to film footage or capture photos of your business, landscape or property.  Hire me, to help you show off your canvas to the world. For more info, visit my ad on craigslist: