SnookBall (Giant Soccer Pool Table)


Length: 20′
Height: 10″
Width: 12′
Price includes a 3 hour rental. We will arrive at your venue up to 1 hour before the event starts for setup. Snookball requires a flat solid surface (concrete/flooring) to maximize game play. If flat hard surface not available, Snookball can be used on grass surface but will not include the green carpet underlayment.
Delivery Fee: $150 (Dallas/Ft. Worth Metroplex Only) We are insanely cheaper than our competitors, which rent for $1,000 min plus 20% setup fees.

Soccer + Billiards = Epicness! An epic twist on pool, guests stand inside the game and use a soccer ball as a cue ball to kick their solids or stripes into the pockets.
There are tons of variants to play with this game, outside of the traditional 2 player billiards rules. Gameplay can support up to 15 people simultaneously. Snookball table is also for sale, please email me for details/pricing. Gameplay videos can be found on my Instagram under the story highlights section “Snookball”

Don’t live in the DFW area and want to build your own table? I just released a Builders Guide so now you can save over $1,600 by building it yourself.



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